Website Designing and Development

Cafe Codex is a web designing organization with a broad team of certified developers. We are the IT professionals for every kind of web and app development and offer the development of IT projects in advance and modern technologies as per the Client’s requirement. Our website designing & development company team is always updated according to the IT market. We are a complete IT solution organization for various technical projects.

Our Website Designing & Development Company Strategy

We offer several exciting budget plans for our regular and irregular clients. Web designing is a procedure for creating the front end of the website. The front-end design contains various aspects with the layout of the web page, content production, and graphic design. The cafe codex has several certified graphic designers with multiple skills.

The website designing & development company has many certified webs and graphic designers, and web designers provide the shape of webpages by using the HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) tags which can easily describe the content and metadata for every kind of webpage.

Website Designing Service

Web design is the subset of web development which is the broad group of the web development phase in which the designer provider attractive and effective design to the web pages as per the Client’s requirements. We offer the maintenance service of the website without any extra charges for the responsive performance of the website.

The layout and component or element appearance in any web page is defined via using the CSS (cascading style sheet) technique. The Cafe Codex has many experiences and skilled Graphic Designer in their development team to help the developer for attracting potential clients. Most websites are linked with HTML and CSS, which is mainly responsible for the appearance of every page in the browser when users search that particular website on the internet.

Cafecodex is a professional web design and development services company that offers a wide range of services ranging from small businesses to major corporations. Our crew of skilled website developers and digital marketing experts employ the most advanced web technologies and tried-and-true tactics to design user-friendly websites, as well as promote them to increase client reach. Contact our team to help you build a powerful online presence that will give you an edge.

Our Agile Process Strategy

The Cafe Codex support Agile process, which is related to the discovering requirement and solutions via collaborative efforts of the organization with cross-functional development teams at their customer’s or client’s end. Our developers divide the project into modules and always take the next step for another module after review the first module and approval by the Client for the Client’s satisfaction. We also provide a satisfying budget to the Client as well in an organized manner for project completion.

The development team can manage all project work by breaking it up into various modules which are constantly involved and collaborative with the Client. The developers can continue to improve previous work according to the Client with the creation of a new module in a parallel way via Agile Procedure. Agile is the simple and iterative development methodology of Software development that values human communication and feedbacks, adapts the project changes, and provides effective working results to both organization and the customer.

Cafe Codex is focused on the agile procedure in the development phase of the particular IT project. We deliver trust and values to our clients with faster and fewer headaches by using the Agile process in the development phase.

Our Latest and Advanced Technologies Approach Used in Web Development

Cafe codex offers IT project Web Design and Development Services in the latest and advanced technologies at minimal budget cost and time. We use several kinds of modern technology in web development such as Artificial Intelligence, Dynamic web applications, data security, Content personalization via machine learning procedure, voice search, chatbots, etc.

JS and Python are the most popular technology to develop webpages nowadays. It is mainly used to create rich and dynamic websites. We have many certified and experienced developers of JS and Python to provide an advanced website through this technology according to the client and project’s requirements.

The websites are created with a voice-activated self-standing device with the latest technologies, and the user can use it as a voice optimization facility via pronounced something in the form of voice. The voice search optimization Strengthen with Artificial Intelligence is very beneficial for every stakeholder, owners as well as the organization.

Advanced Technology Web development
Our Attractive Front-end Development

The UI is a crucial part of front-end development, which stands for User Interface. This part of the website is mainly used for the user’s view. The front-end of every website is codeless and includes various attractive forms and design templates created by the graphic designer. The user can interact with the Application with the help of front-end design or User Interface. The user can manipulate and control software and hardware for various purposes by using the User Interface. Any website or Web Application Development is nothing without a front-end or User Interface.

The cafe Codex is the website designing & development company in Delhi NCR which provide an attractive user interface to the Client with a complete team of Graphic Designer and offer direct interaction of the Client to that particular Graphic Designer who involves in the current project so that the user can explain and describe all the designs easily to that Graphic Designer. The User Interface is a crucial part of every website, and it can be used in several places such as Personal Computers, smartphones, Cars, music Players, etc.