Domestic Technical Support

Cafe Codex is a complete IT consultancy that provides Domestic Technical Support Services to the customer. They provide customers with a highly educated and skilled service agent. These agents have the idea of talking voice manner in front of the client. The technical support representatives simply answer the phone calls of a particular customer. Also, they troubleshoot his technical problems via using some computer software and hardware.

The technical support department is responsible to identify all the issues related to the customer’s technical product or service. This department is also helpful in researching the customer to find the correct solution to every technical issue.

Several types of call centers hire technical support representatives. They do so to fulfill the full-time and part-time roles in flexible shifts. The technical support agents work in a team environment. Also, they transfer the work report to the team manager or supervisor. The technical support agents are not required to travel for their work. Because, they all perform their work responsibly within the call center.

We have a large team of call center technical agents. They are highly qualified technical departmental supervisor or shift manager to resolve various complications. All team members in our organization are technically sound. They are always ready to resolve the technical issue of clients related to the service or product.

There are some duties and responsibilities which are performed by the technical support team of Cafe Codex:

Domestic Technical Support
  • Answer the phone calls.
  • Troubleshoot problem.
  • Database Maintenance.
  • Review log calls.
  • Reply to help request.
  • Service request of submitted operations.

The domestic technical service or help desk employee handles the maintenance of computer systems. Also, they maintain networks within the organization in the technical support role. We have many teams of services and a department of domestic technical services related to the customer’s issue. The customer can contact the specialist of the customer care department. They Perform so if there is any change required in the product or service like forget password, viruses or email issue, etc. Cafe Codex is the top domestic BPO in Delhi. We provides delivery on time of a particular project with high performance.

We have a complete department to resolve all the technical issues related to the client. Our technical support agents perform various tasks related to the installation and configuration of computer systems. They resolve the technical problems on phone calls or face to face on video calls. The technical support agent is also known as a helpdesk operator, technician, or maintenance engineer.

Our Technical Support Services Department

Cafe Codex is a pure IT consultancy that provides many services related to Voice Customer Service and Domestic Technical Support in low and minimal budget with customer satisfaction. Our service agent performs various tasks during the resolve customer’s issue.

Some tasks are given below:

  • Our domestic technical service agent can work with the clients or employees to identify the computer problems and advertise the solution.
  • Logging and keeping all the records of customer queries related to the issue. We also offer the technical support service of many small and big firms.
  • Our technical support specialist can analyze the call logs so that client can easily discuss his problem and we relate things with a better solution to the particular issue.
  • Cafe Codex provides the facility of up-to-date self-help documents so that the customers or employees can try to resolve their problem themselves according to the situation.
  • We can also visit the customer’s or client’s place with our field engineers team if the client faces a more complicated problem that is not resolved by the technical support agent.
  • The technical support team of Cafe Codex can easily test and fix the faulty equipment as per the issue discussed by the client.

We provide many facilities to the customer with technical support service. Also, we deliver trust to many small and big firms in the form of service at minimum time and cost. The infrastructure of the technical support executive is responsible for efficient provisioning, service operations, and installation/configuration issues. We are the best domestic BPO in Delhi with many exciting budget plans.

Why Choose Us for Technical Support Services

Cafe Codex is providing the proper domestic BPO near my department to resolve the issues of nearby customers. The technical support officer provides support to the customer-related technical issues of product and service.

These technical support officers perform their tasks in several ways. They answer queries and help the clients with troubleshooting problems. They also help the customers with the maintenance of workstations and LAN connections during the entire process. We are the complete solution of Domestic technical support services and BPO services. Our tech support agents also manage, maintain, and repair IT systems.

We always owe our team for all the winning awards in the IT industry. We have a dedicated team of BPO Services that is 24×7 ready to serve the client’s issues. Additionally, we provide them satisfaction in the decided timelines with minimal budget charges.