Data Management Services

Cafe Codex is an IT consultation in Delhi, thus providing several services. Generally related to data management Services as well as CRM (Customer Relation Management) Software Services.

Although we provide data management software services to various small as well as big organizations. Thus we do so via data optimization within the bounds of policy and regulation. With this, anyone can make decisions. And then take actions that maximize the business’s benefits.

Since the concept of data management arises in the market in the 1980s as sequential processing. Thus, data or information is the necessary term for every organization in the world. Every day, humans generate 2.5 quintillion data in their regular activity. So our organization offers various data processing services to small as well as big organizations.

data management services

The Normal data management approaches address the client’s and administrator’s activity. The data management technology is based on the demands of regulatory requirements. Also, organizational needs are consider to obtain value from its information or data.

Cafe Codex As a Data Usage

However, we collect, keep and use the Data securely, effectively as per the client’s requirement. Hence there are some essential facts that relate to our digital data managing technique. Perpetually defining various tasks, policies, processes, and practices.

Data management has a broad scope, and the data managing approach of our organization are as follows:

  • First of all, we create, update, and then access the data across various data tiers in the organization.
  • After that, we provide data storage on multiple clouds as per the client’s requirement.
  • Also, our organization offers high availability of particular data or information via an easy way.
  • Next, we commit to providing the data security & privacy of the particular client. As our database administrators never leave any loophole to the data leakage.
  • Last of all, we destroy the data as per the agreement terms of compliances.

Integrated Data Management Software Services Tools

As part of the data processing process, several software, methods, and techniques can be useful. Therefore, extract, transform, and load (ETL) is the most commonly used data integration technique. This, however, pulls data from source systems. And then transforms it into a consistent format. After that, loads the complete data into a target device. For big data systems, ELT is a popular option. Moreover, batch integration methods, such as ETL and ELT, run at regular intervals.

Cafe Codex uses this advanced ETL technique to manage the organization’s data as per the client’s requirement. Since we have a complete team of Database administrators to manage the high quality of data as per the business requirement.

Another method for data integration is data virtualization. Basically, this method employs an abstraction layer. To construct a virtual view of data from various systems for end-users. Data governance is mainly an organizational process software product. That helps in data governance program management. And are also available, but they are an optional aspect.

Why Choose Us To Manage Your Data?

Although our organization has many attractive yet exciting budget plans for data management. That correctly follows the clients’ requirements. Additionally, we provide a complete solution of data management with high security & also storage performance. Therefore, we never cooperate with data security threats or data leakage.

Data Security

Cafe Codex always gives the first priority to the customer’s data management services. Just because of our attractive data security approach. Plus, we have a vast team for data security purposes with high security as well as management of data. Our organization never leaks the personal or business data of any customer.

Protecting digital records is our topmost priority. Thus, we maintain those in a database, from malicious powers & unintending acts by unauthorized persons. Disk encryption is therefore a form of encryption that encrypts Data on a hard drive.

Moreover, the implementation of disk encryption is either in software or hardware. On-the-fly encryption (OTFE) or transparent encryptions are terms useful in describing disc encryption. To secure data from hacking, therefore software security solutions encrypt it.

data security

A malicious program or a hacker, on the other hand, might corrupt the data and make it unrecoverable. That’s why rendering the device is useless. Hardware security systems thus block unauthorized read and write access to Data. By providing extremely strong protection against tampering. Hence alternatives to software-only computer security also provide hardware security & supported computer security.

Due to the requirement of physical access, compromise security tokens such as those using PKCS#11. As they may be more secure. After attaching the token, & inserting the correct PIN, it grants access. Anyone who has physical access to the dongle can also use it. So newer hardware security technologies address this problem by providing complete data security.

Database and Storage Management

A database is a logical order set of data stored. And therefore accessible electronically via a computer system. Whereas databases are more complex, systematic design and modeling techniques are often useful. That’s why the software & processes that enhance the efficiency of data storage resources refers to as storage management. Because data storage refers to the digital recording of files & records. And their subsequent storage in a storage device for future use.

If necessary, then the storage systems can also use electromagnetic, optical, or other media. Just to preserve and restore data. In the event of a computer crash or cyber attack, data storage makes it simple to back up files for safekeeping & easy recovery. Although the database management system (DBMS) is the program that collects & then analyses data. Simply by communicating with end-users, programs & the database itself. As the key facilities that help in managing the database. Also included in the DBMS program.

Database systems require data files in order to store the data under control. These files refer to as data sets & are stored on a storage medium. As a result, storage management should be an essential part of a database administrator’s job (DBA). Most of the time, the set disc drives or disc subsystems can also be useful for storage.

Last but not the least, the database administrator of Cafe Codex provides high security of data storage in customer budget. And we assure you that we never compromise with leakage loopholes of data. Because we have an alert team to determine the security threats of data leakage.

Our Managing Strategy and Approach

Every organization requires a perfect data management solution that offers them a well-organized way. Generally to manage the information or data in the unified data tier of a particular organization. Therefore, Cafe Codex provides the latest technique of data management as per the market. By building data management systems on the data management platforms. Hence, these data management systems include databases, data lakes, data warehouses, Data Entry Services, data analytics, extensive data management systems, & many other database systems.

Thereafter, all the data management systems work together as a data utility. For sending data management abilities necessary for the particular organization. Just for its application, data analytics, and algorithms. In addition, the data management tools also help database administrators to automate various kinds of traditional management tasks.

Since the size and complexity of the database deployments are also important for manual interference. Therefore, this manual interfering increases the chance of errors in that particular task. Also, the decreasing requirement of manual database management is the main objective of new data management technology, an autonomous database.

Cafe Codex is also providing data management software services with low & customer satisfaction budgets. We also have a large team of database administrators for this purpose. Thus all our teams follow the latest technique to manage the data as per the client’s requirement. There is a separate department to develop the tools of Data Management Services. With many years of experience as developers and database administrators.