Aerospace and Defence

In this harsh pandemic, the aerospace and defence industry is experiencing immense growth. Cafe Codex has collective years of experience in the aerospace and defence industry. During our evolution within the sector, we have served debut aerospace organizations cutting across OEMs, and component suppliers. Our domain experience spans from complete engines to elementary casting components.

We have been important in technological evolutions at major aerospace and defence installations over many years. Therefore, our rich portfolio of Products, Solutions, and Services have helped global aerospace and defence producers in their respective niches.

We are happy to be associated with the leading commercial aircraft manufacturers. We are the prime reason behind the continuous uptime of production critical applications at our customer’s global production sites that reveals globally.

Aerospace And Defence

To meet the acquired demand for new aircraft and components, manufacturers will require:

  • Evolution of manufacturing capacity
  • Outsourcing into the supply chain
  • Lighten new product introduction cycles
  • Easy and quick production ramp-up rates
  • Faster incorporation of new technologies
  • Reduction in material and energy consumption

Quick Facts


1,000+ projects in aerospace and defence                               

Customer portfolio of the leading Commercial Aircraft manufacturers

Experience in implementing aerospace systems                     

What do We Undertake?

We have been helping aerospace businesses to meet their concurrent challenges and scalable automation and digitalization solutions.Some of the proven business help successfully implemented in the global aerospace and defence companies include:

  • Manufacturing Operations for complete traceability systems and manpower
  • Quality Management solutions for Visual Inspection and quality system to understand and correct underlying defects
  • Virtual commissioning and maintenance of a high-fidelity digital twin
  • Process Planning, Assembly Engineering and Manufacturing Knowledge Management systems to enable highly repeatable operations with fewer resources requiring less training
  • Production planning and scheduling for the aerospace and defence industry
  • Capturing key process from the manufacturing process to self-correct and prevent faults from progressing
  • Deployment of Industry 4.0 technologies, Location awareness devices, and data analytics with predictive capabilities
  • Consultancy for vendor management & development

How do We Undertake it?

We approach all our customers to transform their digital initiatives into roadmaps and execute them with precision. We leverage our collective years of experience in the aerospace and defence industry. Aside, we utilize an optimal combination of our Training, Consultancy, Project Management, Products, Solutions, Services, and 24/7 Support to fulfill the desires of our prospects and current customers.

Our aerospace and defence offerings cover all of the processes, data, applications, and technologies required to fulfill automation, IT, Quality, and digitalization initiatives. We provide an expert perspective on the top technology trends and options available in the market.The implementation cycle can be customized to suit varying needs for tactical projects for long-term roll-outs.

We achieve this with the following key activities:

  • End-to-end digitalization by reconfiguration of production and assembly lines
  • Enable widespread automation and additive manufacturing across the supply chain
  • Create real-time management information streams
  • Prepare assembly lines to take full advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things, and Big Data analytics.

Buyer Benefits

  • Improving productivity and cost rates
  • Faster release of product/process changes to the improving agility
  • Improved flow and inventory reduction
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Zero disruption resulting from parts transfer across the globe
  • Faster factory commissioning
  • Improved efficiency and reduction of downtime
  • Accelerate execution of digital transformation strategies
  • Widespread adoption of a standard System across multiple plants
  • Reduction in applications due to standardization of strategic applications
  • Just in time delivery systems to ensure efficient information flow lines

The Cafe Codex is leading the ‘Make in India’ charge in the Aerospace & Defence spaces and is a key private sector player in the industry. In Aerospace & Defence, we have emerged as a global, single-source supplier for several important fixed-wing and rotary-wing programs. What is good news about us? We are currently playing an increasingly important role in Aerospace & Defence programs of strategic importance.

Going forward, the group is focused on: partnering global OEMs for fighters, helicopters, transport aircraft, and weapon systems and land systems, supporting other critical aerospace & defence programs for the Indian defence sector, and setting up world-class aero-engine components manufacturing facilities.

Business Spotlights

  • Our entire team has announced the amalgamation of Aerospace and Defence businesses into a single entity to be known as Cafe Codex Aerospace & Defence.
  • Cafe Codex Aerospace & Defence will be amongst India’s largest private aerospace and defence players, moving beyond providing individual products to developing integrated offerings and executing larger and more complex products.

The Cafe Codex Advantage

1. Advance Workforce Efficiency and productiveness

We help in improving production rates and reduce time-to-market by leveraging proven processes that have been used successfully on industry-leading Aerospace & Defence programs.

2. Entitled Digital Transformation and graceful Operations

We integrate domain knowledge, data science, and digital technologies to deliver solutions that drive efficiency and productivity. Our advanced analytics capabilities provide reliable, actionable insights for enhanced decision-making.

3. Maximize obligations

We are a preferred partner for OEMs seeking to leverage the potential and maximize obligations. We help maximize offset obligations by collaborating and co-developing with engineering and manufacturing firms that facilitate the entire process.

4. Strengthen Our Experience across the Aerospace Life Cycle

Over many years of experience as a risk-reward sharing partner, we offer integrated design, build, and maintain solutions for end-to-end aerospace life cycle management needs.

How We Partner?

With our rich experience and domain expertise, we help Aerospace & Defence suppliers transform their product life cycle. Our engineering solutions adhere to rigorous compliance systems that meet the wide spectrum of security parameters, and nation-specific restrictions.

We also have Design Approval from the Centre for Military Airworthiness & Certification under the following scope: Design, Development of Aero Structures, Aero Interiors, Aero Engines Parts and Systems, Aero Systems, and Avionics for Military Airborne Applications.



Our complete System and product design expertise combined with proven engineering processes to streamline development processes.



Electronic and mechanical manufacturing capabilities integrate with additive manufacturing techniques.



Digital solutions leveraging advanced analytics to provide value engineering for aftermarket and MRO.

Our Expertise

We realize the value of transformative digital technologies across every level, from customers to operations and offerings. The Aerospace and Defence industry is rapidly adopting newer technologies to address the challenges of shrinking budgets, rising operational costs, infrastructure management, and a complex global supply chain.

We are at the forefront, working with aerospace companies and defense contractors to overcome these challenges and guide them safely through this phase of intense digital transformation.

Aerospace And Defence

How We Can Help?

1. Your long term associate

We can help you address competing issues, and evaluate the impact of large shifts so you can plan for the future. And we bring a team of specialists together globally to help establish a thorough, integrated strategy and direction. We’ll collaborate with you over the long term to create resilience, driving your business, and the aerospace, defence, and security industry, forward.

2. Hammering out a recovery path

The industry is experiencing unprecedented setbacks that significantly affect demand, investments, and the workforce. It’s time to rethink operations, deals, and sales. Now is the time to rethink delivery strategies and risk exposure.

Our team of skilled professionals brings fresh thinking, analysis, and problem-solving to these large and complex issues. We focus on repairing weakened links to support long-term strength and renewed vitality. And together, we can help to reimage success for your organization.

3. Your counselor from deals to transformation

We understand the impact of compounding global trends and regulations and works with you to formulate an impactful response. We can help you strengthen your position for the future by strategically managing risk, building flexible supply chains, and agile operations. Together, we can help you reduce your costs and create new value through deals.

However, your workforce will be a critical ally throughout this journey. Our proprietary platforms and upskilling strategies help you develop a competitive, engaged, and future-ready workforce. We can help you capture increased value from your digital transformation.

4. Technology made for speed and agility

Data, analytics, and technology are reshaping expectations and opportunities in the industry. Companies that invest in the exponential potential of the technology can accelerate research and development, generate more insights through data and build more resilient operations.

We bring our experience in technology and cybersecurity to guide your adoption of new tools and new thinking. We’ll collaborate with you to quickly scale these innovative efforts for long-term sustainable growth.

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