Terms & Conditions

Cafecodex IT Consultation Pvt. Ltd. manages its customers in an expert, effective and palatable way. By recruiting Cafecodex Pvt Ltd for your business, you will be agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned below:

The Contract

A self-employed entity-relationship will be created between the customers and Cafecodex Pvt Ltd, and that no association or joint endeavor should be inferred by one or the other party.

The date of inception of the administrations will be settled upon by the two players and charges will be pertinent as per that date.

A month-to-month report of execution administrations will be given to the customers if it was referenced in the agreement or the proposition of the assistance.

Cafecodex Pvt Ltd holds every right to re-appropriate an outsider specialist organization for a portion of the assistance errands.

An individual who isn’t involved with the agreement will not have any rights under or regarding the agreement.


In the scenario of customers buying into any month-to-month administration bundle of Cafecodex Pvt Ltd, they are obliged to pay a full chargeable sum before the beginning of the work.

In the case of Cafecodex Pvt Ltd and the customer conceding to a fixed statement in regards to any administrations then they are responsible to pay at any rate half of the billable sum ahead of time, preceding the initiation of the work. The leftover measure of the installment should be made within 7 days of the initiation date of the administrations.

Cafecodex Pvt Ltd will give the itemized bill to the customers month-to-month, ahead of time.


Cafecodex Pvt Ltd won’t be at risk for any aberrant or resultant misfortunes because of postponement in committed administrations or items, where the deferral is brought about by common or uncooperative causes.

The customers will safeguard, cover and hold Cafecodex IT Consultation Pvt. Ltd. protected from and against any cases, misfortunes, liabilities, and costs identified with the administrations given by Cafecodex Ltd to the customers under this arrangement, including with no limit, claims made by outsiders identified with any bogus publicizing claims, obligation claims for items or administrations exchanged by the customer, claims for patent, copyright or brand name infringement, guarantees because of obstacle or imperfection of administrations gave, or for any substance offered by you for distribution by Cafecodex Pvt Ltd.

Because of the idea of advanced media, any substance/data given by the customers to Cafecodex Pvt Ltd for distribution will be available by general society when it is distributed. Cafecodex Pvt Ltd won’t be liable for covering the material and any harms or misfortunes of benefit, altruism, or any business resource because of the idea of the substance being sent.


On the off chance that whenever during the term of an assistance contract, we neglect to convey the presence of any of your commitments under this agreement or any of these terms and conditions, at that point this won’t liberate you from any of the commitments referenced in the terms and conditions and won’t establish a waiver until except if in the event that it doesn’t come in the consistency with the discount arrangements.

Any waiver will be substantial formally just on the off chance that it is imparted to you recorded as a hard copy and falls under our discount strategies.

Cafecodex IT Consultation Pvt. Ltd. maintains all the authority to alter the above terms and conditions at any time. You ought to likewise go through Cafecodex Pvt Ltd’s Privacy Policies and Refund Policies for the top to bottom data of the multitude of arrangements of our organization.