Email / SMS Marketing

Cafe Codex is the leading organization of Email Marketing Services which is a beneficial way to promote the product or service of the user. We have a complete SMS marketing team to promote the customer’s website.

Social media is an important and valuable element for every kind of business marketing strategy. The Marketing via Email is a suitable way to reach people universally and this procedure creates a user interest in your site or business. It permits the user to build relationships with current customers and past customers.

Email marketing is a process in which a user can send a commercial message to a group of people by using the email. It allows the user to create, target, and personalize the messages via Email. It also improves the response rate of direct marketing campaigns. We can directly speak to our customers to build up relationships and tell them briefly about our business.

email marketing

Our email marketing service team creates a strong marketing environment strategy that helps the business provider to reach out and linked with the targeted audience as per the requirements. More than 34% of people are using email worldwide for a different purpose. It is a vibrant and powerful way to link people with each other for several purposes.

Types Of SMS Marketing

There are some important types of SMS marketing that are offered by Cafe Codex in a well-organized manner with experience and a skilled team of marketing.

These types of Marketing via Email or SMS are as follows:

Tools Of Email Marketing Services

Cafe Codex is the best marketing service provider via Email and consultancy firm in Delhi NCR. We use some tools of SMS marketing to make the easy promotion of our business in several ways.

There are some important tools of email marketing which are given below:

  • Hub Spot SMS marketing tool
  • Sender tool
  • Sendinblue marketing tool
  • Omnisend tool
  • endPulse marketing tool
  • Benchmark tool
  • MailChimp tool for Marketing via Email
  • MailerLite tool of SMS marketing
  • Mailjet marketing tool.
  • Moosend marketing tool
  • Email Octopus tool of SMS marketing

Our marketing group works with all these tools of SMS marketing and more advanced tool to improve the quality of emails and provide better outcomes.


Transactional marketing via Email or SMS

Transactional email is an automated kind of email between the sender and recipient for managing different tasks. Transactional emails are the bulk distributions of the same marketing message to various recipients simultaneously. This transactional email is sent to one person at a time.

These types of emails are confidential and contain valuable information which is very important and necessary to the user’s perspective in the particular business. Cafe Codex has many certified and highly educated marketers in its team to send the email from one sender to one recipient. This transactional email is divided into two types of trigger which are event and segment.


Direct Marketing

We also provide the service of direct SMS marketing which is related to the email campaign. That campaign is directly sent to the subscribers. Direct marketing via Email is a type of marketing that established a bond between the brand and client.

Cafe Codex provides best marketing services as the business requirement. Direct marketing set itself different from other marketing strategies.


Information Marketing by Email

The information email is mainly used to focus on the specific offer or any information related to the product or service. We have a group for the service of information marking so that we offer the performance to our customer with the best outcome.


Digital Newsletter

Cafe Codex supports the business owners and provides the service of the digital newsletter for various purposes. It is mainly used to generating awareness to the stakeholders for the business purpose. The email of a digital newsletter is a scheduled email for several kinds of important information.


Product Update

The product update email is a special kind of newsletter which is mainly used to collaborate in between the marketing and product development teams. We also provide the service of product update with our development.

The newsletter of product updates is all about the new brand’s features and system upgrades. This email is the way to create a collaboration bond between two parties of the organization.

SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing is an acronym of short message service marketing which is the strategy of the business to send the messages to the clients or customers via using text form. SMS marketing is simply related to text messaging. We have also an SMS marketing team which is valuable to us. Cafe Codex always provides the best Online SMS Marketing Services to the organization as per the requirement.

Advantages Of Email Marketing

This marketing is an important part of a particular organization that plays a very crucial role in the marketing field. Email Marketing is part of Digital Marketing Services. Our entire team of marketing uses its advantages to the growth of the organization and improves the quality of the product or service from an audience perspective and these advantages of SMS marketing services are as follows:


  • The low cost is an important advantage of Email Marketing Services which provides lower cost to the business owner as compared to marketing channels as per the mainstream.
  • The marketing team of a particular organization is easily reached out and engaged with the audience as per the requirement of product promotion.
  • We can easily transfer the targeted messages to our audience via email.