Business Process Outsource

Cafe Codex is an IT consultancy that provides the best business process outsourcing service in the Delhi NCR. Business process outsourcing is the technique of contracting any particular work process with an external service provider.

We offer business process outsourcing services to several small and big kinds of organizations. The BPO services are related to payroll, accounting, telemarketing, data recording, social media marketing, customer service, and many more services related to the growth and promotion of the business.

Cafe Codex is one of the best business process outsourcing companies in Delhi, NCR. We have a huge department for BPO services with highly qualified and experienced BPO service agents in our team.

The BPO service is mainly used for marketing advertising and survey purpose, which is effectively executed through both Voice and Non-Voice services like call center support services related to the product of a particular organization. The voice-based BPO services are directly engaged with the client, and non-voice BPO is a back-office job with a 24×7 active environment for customer support.

Business Process Outsource

The business process of outsourcing services is a crucial part of a particular organization. We offer mainly two kinds of Business Process Outsource services which are as follows:

  • Voice Customer Service
  • Domestic Technical Support

These both services are the most important parts of the business process outsourcing department in any organization for various purposes. Cafe Codex has two separate teams, especially for these services. We provide all kinds of BPO services at minimal cost as per the customer satisfying budget.

voice customer services

Voice Customer Service

The voice-based customer service of BPO consists of two processes which are the inbound and outbound processes. This service enables the organization agent to make calls to the customers for selling services and products with troubleshooting of various problems. The non-voice processes of BPO are typical jobs that do not require direct interaction with the customer, and this kind of BPO job includes computer work. The agent can text or chat with the customer related to the problem issues in this process.

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technical support service

Domestic Technical Support

The domestic technical support officers are always available on the help desk to resolve the issue of customers. Technical support services are related to the issues of technical products and services. The agent can deliver technical support to the customer in various ways like a phone call, e-mail chat, live support software task, live chats on websites, and many other tools. We provide every kind of business process service related to outsourcing. The BPO is the subset of the outsourcing section of a particular business entity related to the product and service.

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Our BPO Team

Cafe Codex has various teams to provide the service of business process outsourcing for many small and big organizations. We have experienced and skilled BPO service agents for both department voice and Domestic technical customer service. The agent of a particular call center specialist deals with several lots of various challenges every day. Effective communication and voice tone is an essential part of the particular call center.Our every team of business process outsource follow seven stages standard for providing better service of the particular product.

These stages are as follows:

  • Assessment of sourcing requirements.
  • The proposal from the organization.
  • Gather and evaluate the information related to the BPO project.
  • Contracting between customer and organization.
  • Transition responsibilities from customer to organization.
  • Transfer of resources and responsibilities back to the original organization with high outcomes.

These all seven stages are used as guidance for both customers and service providers. All stages are beneficial to both who plan involvement with the business process outsourcing of particular service. We have many BPO agents in our team with several years of experience.

Importance of Business Process Outsource

The BPO is mainly used for outsourcing the front office administrative tasks related to the product and services. The third party is responsible for all operations of business function in BPO services. The BPO executive can handle all voice calls professionally.

They deliver correct information about their company’s services and products to the customer. We are a leading service provider of several BPO services such as technical support, customer support, telemarketing, insurance processing, data processing, form processing, and many other services.

Why Cafe Codex for Business Process Outsourcing Services

Cafe Codex has a complete department of business process outsourcing management, which can easily manage all the services delivered by the BPO officers.

We are the only reputed IT consultancy in Delhi NCR which provides all the services related to the BPO department. We deliver the service on time as per the deadline with high communicators in our team. The service agents of Cafe Codex can easily understand the client’s issue and resolve that in a specific time period with a better solution.