Web / App Development Services

Cafe Codex is the best Web Development Company in Delhi NCR with complete IT solutions via modern and advanced technologies currently existing in the market. We provide both web and app development services according to the projects and user’s requirements.

Our Web Development Services

Web development is the construction and maintenance of a particular website that uses a number of technologies as per the requirement. Web development is the coding work behind the interface design as per the user’s need.

The design of the particular website looks great but the coding is mashed up and a Lehman can not understand a website coding without the help of a coder or programmer.

The web designer or developer should know web programming languages and database management and we have experienced and skilled web developer who keeps the overall knowledge of web development programming languages as well as the database.

Web Development Service

Web developers use various kinds of coding languages to develop a particular website. The use of all the coding languages depends on the type of task developers are performing and the platform for that language. The skills of Web Development Services are in high demand worldwide and Cafe Codex has a complete department for web development purposes only with highly qualified web developers.

The web development procedure is divided into two parts first is front-end development and another is back-end development. The front–end development is used for the user-facing side website designing phase and back-end development means server-side code of the entire website and database management queries of the website. Cafe Codex is a web development company with a broad and skilled team of web developers.

Some important programming languages are mainly used for website development like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The developers take a rough idea from the drawing board and turn it into reality as per the customer requirement. we are focused on the quality of development for both web and app. The backend developer provides codes and database queries in the backend and the front end is nothing without database and backend coding.

The backend of the particular website consists of the server which is to host the website and the database is mainly used to contain the data of the website. The Cafe Codex has highly certified teams for both the backend and frontend. The main task of the backend developer is to make sure the server, application, and database run together smoothly. Overall we are the best web Development Company in Delhi NCR.

Our Web Development Services

App development and web development both are different procedures. We offer both services at maximum customer satisfaction, efficient price, and time management. Application development is a procedure of creating a program or set of programs to perform several tasks as per the requirement of the user or business.

There are specific procedures for app building which have some important step that are mentioned below:

  • Gathering requirement from the client
  • Prototypes of designing phase
  • Testing of application
  • App implementation
  • Integration of Application
Our App Development Service
This procedure of app development is followed by our Android development team which is skilled and experienced Android Developers. We offer various kind of Web Application Development Services which follow some special criteria are as follows:

  • Custom app development
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Low Code app development
  • Application Development for Mobile
  • Database app development
  • Web app development
  • Enterprise app development
Cafe Codex is a leading organization mainly for website and Web Application Development Services in the IT industry. We provide many other services related to web and app development which are as follows
Website Designing Service

Website Designing and Development

The website designing refers to the design phase of the entire website which displays on the internet after searching the domain..

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o Android and IOS app development

Android and IOS app development

The Android applications are mainly developed for the Android operating systems and these Android applications are written in Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages…                                                                                                                                                                                                     read more
E-Commerce sevice01

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce website development is mainly used for professional websites for business purposes.                                                                                                                                  read more 
These all services are also necessary and important service facilities offer by the Cafe Codex as per the user’s requirement.