Android and iOS App Development

Cafe Codex is a recognized IOS and Android App Development Service Provider, serving the latest technologies. We are the team of development, testing & management of Android as well as IOS Applications. However, we never compromise with the quality.

Although, our Application and software services always prefer experienced and up-to-date developers. Eventually, the developers should also cope up with the trending technologies which are available in the market.

The Android Application is specifically designed to execute on the Android device for several purposes. The term Android relates to an APK file which is an acronym for Android Package. Basically, an APK file is a zip file that contains application code, resources, and meta-information related to the app. However, we provide overall IOS and Android App Development facilities to the clients.

Also, we feature the best performance of the app in minimal project budget cost and time. Since the Android applications are mainly written in Java and C++ programming languages.

o Android and IOS app development

Cafe Codex mobile app developers have vast experience in serving extensive knowledge of these trending programming languages. Moreover, we also provide the latest technical app development for both Android and IOS globally worldwide.

However, the IOS software application is mainly useful for Apple’s iOS iPhone device. And, therefore this type of IOS apps is available via the Apple App Store. Additionally, the execution of the iOS apps is only on Apple’s iOS mobile OS. Consequently installed on Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

Our Android App Development Services

Besides it, we are a complete technical solution for IOS and Android app development services. Generally serving various departments of IT as well as Non-IT. The Android Studio is open-source software. That includes the operating system, middleware, and also built-in mobile apps. Consequently, this is done on the basis of a modified Linux version.

Most developers use Android Studio to develop various kinds of applications.

We use some important elements of Android Studio, which are as follows:

  • First, Android Activities and its life cycle
  • Second, services that execute in the background of Application
  • Also, content provider for data
  • Android Broadcast Receiver
  • Android Intents for message passing framework.
  • Widgets in Android Studio
  • Android Views for Drawing and event handling
  • Last of all, APK files of Android Studio
Android app development

Hence Cafe Codex provides app development software for Android and IOS operating systems. Along with various special functionalities. Also, we have a complete team for the quality and maintenance of apps, Web Design, and Development.

IOS App Development Services And Department

The IOS app development Services are a procedure for developing mobile applications for Apple hardware. Basically includes iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

These all applications are written in Swift & Objective C programming language. After coding the backend of a particular IOS application, then it allows the stakeholders to download for a different purpose. Furthermore, our development team has also knowledge of these special kinds of programming languages.

IOS App Development

Latest Technology Of Android and IOS Development Used By Us

CafeCodex is using the several latest technologies for Android app development. It also includes Blockchain, Flutter, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and programming language. That’s why the Android developers can integrate the Flutter and Android Jetpack to create the app development process faster. Even, they can do so by making the process comfortable for both clients as well as organizations.

The Cafe Codex has a separate department, for developing a mobile app for Android and IOS. The APM (Application Performance Management) & EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) decrease the slowness of the Android app. Whereas the Kotlin programming language enables the user to reuse the logic of multiplatform in one platform-specific code.

Testing Service Of Android and IOS App Development

We have various kinds of skilled testers to check the quality of Android and IOS applications. Simultaneously, most developers used Augmented Reality technology in IOS development and many other technical tasks. We can also choose Objective-C or Swift programming languages for IOS development. The reason for choosing Objective-C is the superset of the C programming language. This furtherly provides object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime environment to the Application.

The Cafe Codex has a special team of IOS developers. They are highly qualified and have some important skills to develop IOS applications, which are as follows:

  • Swift 3.0 version of programming language for IOS development.
  • Apple’s Xcode IDE for IOS applications.
  • Spatial Reasoning to think out of the box for App functionality.
  • Networking knowledge skill is necessary for IOS app developer.
  • Core Data technology for the smooth user experience.

We have an IOS developer with the above skills for the better outcomes of the Application. The IOS mobile application development is more important as compared to Android mobile application Development. Do you know, why? Because it increases the sales and business productivity in the market.

The IOS platform has high-quality security and various other innovative features. This eventually makes it popular. The IOS app development platform provides better revenue relatively. The developer requires less time. Also, they ease less cost to develop an application for the iPhone.

But the Cafe Codex always provide equal facility for both kinds of mobile app development. Simultaneously, we are always ready to serve its best development service for every client available in the market. Therefore, It is the top mobile app development company in Delhi and India.