Pay Per Click

Cafe Codex is a consultancy firm that provides the services of promotion to small and big organizations such as pay–per–click service and email marketing to promote their business in a minimal cost satisfied budget with the best output of the service.

The pay–per–click is an internet advertising model which is mainly used to drive traffic on several websites by just a click on the ads which appear on the page of the website. The PPC is mainly used to drive traffic on the organization’s websites.

The PPC is an online advertising representation in which the advertisers pay some amount each time when the user clicks on the online ads. There are various kinds of PPC ads but the paid search ad is the most common kind of PPC which is familiar to everyone.

We are the leading organization for various purposes in which business promotion is a crucial part. We promote the client business via several kinds of services and we have a complete team for every kind of promotion. Our team is completely skilled and experienced with many trending and advanced promotion techniques for the growth of the business.



The PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a model of internet marketing which is a source of income in which advertisers pay a fixed amount of fee every time after a click on the particular ad via the user. Search engine advertising is the most famous form of pay-per-click procedure.

Several sites claim to be the first PPC model on the internet, with many of them starting in the mid-1990s. The first recognized and published version of a PPC was included in the Planet Oasis web directory in 1996. Ark Interface II, a division of Packard Bell NEC Computers, produced this desktop application with links to both informational and commercial websites.

Cafe Codex is one of the best Consulting organizations in Delhi NCR that provides the facility of PPC in minimum customer satisfied amount with unexpected outcomes according to the decided project deadlines. The PPC is a very popular technic in these days which makes the organization popular so that the user can attract the product of that particular organization.

Working Of Pay-Per-Click Technique

Cafe Codex is the best and developed PPC (Pay-Per-Click) company in Noida which provides the PPC services from the advertiser’s site as a publisher on Google. We provide this service on customer satisfied budget without any extra charges with higher outcomes. We provide the best PPC services in Noida with many exciting budget plans and attractive service agendas.

We are the PPC marketing service provider with unexpected outcomes. The Search Engine allows advertisers to bid for advertisement in the sponsored link of the search engine and this link works when any user searches the keyword related to that particular business product. After the click on the ad visitor automatically come on the particular webpage which is related to that ad every time.

Every user has to pay a small amount for an ad clicked on the Google search engine. The Google ad is the single and most popular PPC advertising system in the world for business growth. These Google ads are also known as Google AdWords.The advertisement facility of Google allows the business owners to create ads for the publicity of product and service to the high growth of the business.

working of pay per click

Benefits Of Google and Facebook PPC

There are some important benefits of Pay-Per-Click on Google and Facebook are as follows:

  • We contribute to the goals of a particular business via the Pay-Per-Click technique.
  • The PPC is easy to measure and track by organizations as per their performance.
  • The Pay-Per-Click provides quick entry to every kind of user and it executes quickly with a little bit of optimization technique.
  • The user can control a wide range of options for reaching potential customers with the PPC (Pay-Per-Click).
  • Pay-Per-Click provides excellent and unexpected results after working with other marketing channels.
  • The main benefits of PPC are that it provides incredible targeting options. These options offer many advertisers to take a multi-layered approach of Google Ads to test and ensure the complete coverage of all networks and targeting types that can gain exposure to the particular brand organization.
  • Pay-Per-Click is beneficial to the wealth of marketing data because there are a lot of data and performance are directly available in the Google Ads and the information value gained beyond the PPC performance.
PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services In Noida

Cafe Codex is the only organization in Noida which provides Pay-Per-Click service with customer satisfied minimum budget and high performance. We have a separate department for this particular service with a broad team that provides unexpected outcomes.We never compromise with the quality of work related to the project and always follow the up-to-date method for the trending and technologies available in the market. We have a friendly and supportive working environment in our organization.

Pay-Per-Click is the only way of advertising in the market which offers the gain with higher visibility on the search engines like Google and Bing. The PPC is an essential part of the particular organization because it improves the business site and content with a better Google quality score and improves their SEO ranking as per the business requirement.

The PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an established form of digital marketing to grow high in the business by customer’s awareness. It provides a general idea that allows the user to reach the targeted audience.

The PPC is also beneficial for small-budget organizations with high performance. Pay-Per-Click provides an opportunity to the user to increment of organization’s bottom line by advertising in front of buyer’s engagement at that moment when they are searching for the available product or service online. A structured PPC Campaign can increase the traffic of the particular website and provide increased conversions and ultimately revenue.

Why Cafe Codex For PPC service

Cafe Codex has a group to discuss the PPC services before implementing them as per the project of the client. We have a complete team of PPC services that provide unexpected outcomes as per the user’s requirement. We always prepare a planning chart with the team discussion and then start working on it.

The PPC also provides a high level of Control that works to boost the business in the market after the awareness in between the audience. Pay-Per-Click is a crucial part of the particular organization which helps them to grow. This technique provides online advertisements with quick and unexpected results.

There is a most important PPC management rule which increases the budget of campaigns. The customer should make sure that we should not throw all the money on the first PPC campaign in the starting because the client needs to spend more money after some time and always depends on the outcomes.

Role Of Google Ads in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services

The Google ad is the only solution of an advertisement on Google for the business and website owners. The Google ads can improve the organic search rankings of the particular website. The Google ads come with a collection of tools that are used to figure out the way of optimization for the particular website. The Google also provide non-Google ads tool for several small organizations without any charge. Cafe Codex provides the best outcomes of pay-per-click as a service provider in Delhi NCR.