Software As a Service

Cafe Codex is a chief organization of Delhi NCR which provides the Software as a service facility with customer satisfaction and high performance. We also provide the service SaaS Marketing with unexpected outcomes and high performance in customer satisfied budget amount as per his convenience.

SaaS is an acronym of “Software as a Service” which is the way of application delivery on the Internet as service so that the user is not required to install and maintain that particular software. The Client can simply access a particular application via the internet and use it as a complex software and hardware management according to the requirements.

Cafe Codex as a SaaS service provider manages the access of a particular application which includes security, availability, and performance as per the need of the application. All the SaaS applications are executed on the SaaS provider’s server.

Software as a service refers to the software license and delivery model in which software is the licensed basis on the subscription and centrally hosted as per the requirement of the client.

Software As A Service

The banking system is the best example to understand the SaaS model procedure because SaaS protects the privacy of every Customer while providing services that are reliable and secure like the banking system. The bank customers are also using similar financial systems and techniques without any kind of worry to access their personal information related to the money.

We are the popular SaaS service provider as the priority of our clients and we never compromise with the quality and time perfection in work. The client of SaaS has not required to buy any kind of hardware or software to install, maintain or update procedure because the client can directly access by the internet.

Sometimes software as a service referred to the on-demand software because the SaaS applications are known as on-demand software, web-based software application, and hosted software application that is used as per the client’s need.

Why Cafe Codex As a Software As A Service Provider

Cafe Codex is a pure IT Consultant which provides SaaS services as per the user’s demand on a minimal budget with work satisfaction and high performance. We have a large team of SaaS application development for various purposes. This development team consists of various SaaS developers with many years of experience and highly qualified in the field of Software as a Service.

There are lots of services which are offered by Cafe Codex in the form of SaaS application Software. The Software as a service enables the user to streamlined focus and high productivity for the elimination purpose of several problems like maintenance and incompatibility of software application.

We are the SaaS development Company with many exciting budget plans and maintenance offers without any extra charges. We are dedicated to our work performance with punctuality and never compromise with the quality of the product. Software as a Service example of application includes picture editing tool, email software application, apps for office use, and calendar application software.

Characteristics of SaaS

SaaS model procedure is considered to be a branch of cloud computing technology along with infrastructure as a service, platform as service, Desktop as a service, Managed Software as a service, Mobile Backend as a service, Data Center as a Service, and Information Technology Management as a Service.The SaaS applications are accessed by clients via Thin Client-like web browsers.

Software as a Service is a common delivery model for various kinds of business applications for office use which are given below:

  • Office Application Software
  • messaging software for office use
  • payroll processed application software
  • DBMS application software for database management
  • Development application Software for office use
  • software for Gamification
  • Content Management Application Software
  • Virtualization application software
  • accounting software
  • Collaboration software
  • Customer Relationship Management software for the office use
  • Management Information System software
  • Enterprise resource planning software
  • Application Software for invoicing process
  • Field Service Management Software
  • Human Resources Management Software
  • Application software for talent Acquisition
  • Learning Management System Software
  • Geographic Information System Software
  • Service Desk Management Software
  • CAD application Software
Some important characteristics of SaaS services provided by the Cafe Codex are as follows:


  • Multi-Tenancy SaaS module.
  • Automatic Provisioning of SaaS application software.
  • Single Sign-on for Single system identity of particular organization.
  • SaaS software billing based on the subscription.
  • Higher Availability of SaaS software application.
  • Data Security of SaaS Software.
  • SaaS application’s Elastic Infrastructure.
  • High Data Security of SaaS application software.
  • SaaS provides the feature of Rate Limiting / QoS Configure ability for an easy number of hits as per the number of transactions in the entire procedure.
  • Audit logs in SaaS application Software.

Our SaaS Development Team

Software as a Service is defined as SaaS in short form which offers many facilities related to our business to grow high in the market. SaaS Marketing is a perfect way in which organizations can sell their products on cloud-based applications with regular updates and added functionality. Software as a Service marketing is mainly focused on promoting and acquire leads for subscription-based products.

There is a difference between the SaaS businesses and traditional product-based businesses because it is a typical task to aware the audience via only FaceBook and LinkedIn marketing. The single model of a particular application with a singular configuration is accessed by several users with help of Software as a service.

We have many clients of SaaS development in the national and international market which shows our work dedication with perfection and history report of project delivery on time. We deliver trust in the form of our development services which are related to the particular technology.

The Architecture of SaaS Used by Us

Cafe Codex uses all the components of SaaS Architecture in an improved manner as per the client’s requirement. The Software as a Service (SaaS) is also defined in the marketing field and provides some marketing strategies to the organization. There are some important components of SaaS architecture that are supported by Cafe Codex.

These components are as follows:


  • Customer Relationship Management Services.
  • Marketing Automation related to the business.
  • SaaS is used as a Billing procedure.
  • Client Analytics.
  • Named Community-related to the helpdesk or Customer support of the organization.
  • Several Platforms are related to the SaaS.
  • The infrastructure of SaaS.

The Software as Service (SaaS) is a trending topic in the market from some previous years which is described as the software distribution model. Some independent third-party provider hosts the application and makes them available to the users online without installation via the nutshell of SaaS technique.

Software as a service is one of three central cloud computing categories with Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service. All these three services of Cloud Computing have different models and working procedures.

The SaaS is available to the user with the help of a third party over the internet. Infrastructure as a service is a cloud-based service that is related to various organizational services such as storage, networking, and virtualization and it has high-level APIs. It is an online SaaS service provider that used APIs to dereference several low-level details which are underlying the network infrastructure such as physical computing resources, location, data partitioning, scaling, security, and backup.