Heavy Engineering

The Heavy Engineering industry has its own set of challenges due to the size of products involved and the scale of operations. We wish to provide our customers the highest level of accuracy and reliability because of the enormous cost involved.

The biggest challenge faced by the Heavy Engineering industry is reducing the product development cycle.

This demands continuous development and upgradations of products to distinguish them from the competition and gain the first-mover advantage in the competitive market.

Cafe Codex not only empowers its clients to achieve a competitive edge but also helps in increasing their market share with the help of our world-class Heavy Engineering Services and Solutions.

We specialize in Engineering Design, Product Design & Development. Our technical expertise helps us provide you customized solutions which are essential to fulfill your requirements.

heavy engineering services

Our rich experience in the design and development of the heavy engineering industry includes various types of machinery such as:

Mining Equipment Design & Development

We help you design, engineer as well as validate future-ready mining and earthmoving equipment. Our deep domain knowledge, global footprint, and proven engineering potential enable us to deliver innovative and functionally relevant solutions to our heavy engineering clients. We help global manufacturers drive efficiency throughout their product development cycle.

Our team includes specialists in mechanical engineering, product design, electrical and embedded design, control systems, and powertrain. We have worked on an extensive array of products that includes mining equipment. Combine our unique engineering and design skills tools that ease cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Steel Processing Equipment

We leverage our wide industry knowledge and experience to offer detailed designs for steel processing equipment and other applications within heavy engineering. We use a sophisticated range of tools to prepare 3D models and detailed drawings to make sure products can be manufactured efficiently and provide exceptional performance in service.

Our team performs finite element analysis, assesses thermal performance, and evaluates how the equipment withstands stress and strain of the extreme conditions found in a heavy industry environment. We can transform your concepts into innovative and practical solutions right from idea generation to detailed drawings and a complete set of plans.

Shipbuilding Applications and Marine Applications

We have been designing shipbuilding applications for the world’s leading boat designers and shipbuilders. We help develop safer, high-performing, and cost-optimized vessels. We apply our simulation technology and consulting organization to help naval architects address complex challenges in marine application designing.

We also help mitigate environmental risks associated with seagoing loads which include dynamic, structural, hydro, fatigue, and thermal threats. We help clients reduce the total manufacturing cost and meet the stringent design and operational regulations with our vessel safety tailored solutions.

Energy, Utility & Power Generation

The Energy and Utilities sector is undergoing a rapid transformation these days due to tightening regulation, the surge in privatization, and growing environmental consideration. We offer our mechanical engineering and electrical engineering services to global energy and utility players.

Our expert engineers use CAE, value engineering, and value analysis to provide powerful insights across key business areas. We design world-class equipment, drive higher efficiencies, and reduce operational costs. Our engineering solutions encompass eco-friendly technologies that lower emissions and meet sustainable as well as clean energy goals.

Uncompromising Commitment to Superior Product Support with Cafe Codex

Nobody is more dedicated, more capable, or more invested in keeping your equipment operating at maximum productivity than Cafe Codex. That’s Powerful Value, Delivered.

Technical Assistance Center

Technical Assistance Center

At Cafe Codex, we understand that when you have an equipment problem, you need help immediately. Our trained technical staff is ready to take your call anywhere, anytime.

Technical Assistance Center

Warranty Services

Cafe Codex offers industry competitive warranty coverage on all of its products. Please consult us to learn about our warranty offerings or if you are unsure about the coverage of your specific equipment.



Cafe Codex uses only the highest quality parts produced to our stringent Engineering specifications. You cannot afford to be down for long, so do not take chances with sub-standard parts.

Using Cafe Codex genuine parts will help you ensure you’re up against when you need to be. We are well stocked to provide you with the right part when you need it most. If you require parts urgently, they can be shipped overnight from our Parts Distribution Center, so you have the part you need first thing in the morning anywhere in India.

If we don’t have what you need, Cafe Codex’s modern fabrication facilities and skilled engineering team can help. With a long and distinguished track record in custom fabrication, Cafe Codex has one of the most efficient, experienced, and best-equipped facilities in Delhi/NCR.

Downtime is Costly in Terms of Heavy Engineering

To help ensure downtime is minimized, rely on Cafe Codex to perform a full equipment regular inspection and maintenance. Our technicians will conduct a thorough multipoint check to verify that all parts are in excellent working order and performing to specification. We can also perform any regular maintenance that is required on your unit. Inspections can be tailored to customer needs.

The time comes in the life cycle of any machine where an overhaul or a partial rebuild is required to extend the life of the equipment. Cafe Codex has many years of experience rebuilding equipment. Whether in your shop or ours, on equipment or other makes, we have the skills and experience to help you get a few more productive years out of your equipment.

  • Extensive parts inventory located close to you and available 24 hours / 7 days a week.
  • Total product support capabilities that range from minor repairs to complete rebuilds.
  • Field service alternatives to get repairs done in an efficient and timely manner as possible.
  • Full fleet of field service trucks come to you when you need them.

Whether You Need Crane Inspections or Engineering Services for your Projects, we Can Help.

Crane Inspections

Our inspection program places value on the importance of quality and safety. This is why we are an industry leader when it comes to inspecting and certifying mobile cranes. We have a comprehensive library of technical notes from most of the major crane manufacturers and have detailed checklists for just about every kind of mobile crane, including boom trucks, crawlers, truck-mounted, articulating loaders, and rough terrain cranes.

General NDT

We offer a variety of test and NDT certifications, such as Magnetic flux testing, hardness testing, vacuum box testing, and coating thickness testing.


Our engineers understand the needs of your industry and consistently strive to produce safe, sound, and cost-effective engineering solutions for your projects. Our services include; Planning, mechanical, structural, and welding materials.

The Cafe Codex Difference:

Unrivaled Accuracy

Perfection is what we strive for. We understand that every inaccuracy causes production issues down the line and affects your ROI. That’s why we guarantee no mistake. However, if we make an error, we’ll fix it for free.

Customer Data Management

We provide a secure, in-house database for all client files at no additional cost. Data can be accessed and viewed anywhere via the app plugin. So whether we’re managing all of your data or just the components we work with, you can rest assured that your information is protected and ready to use when you need it.

Growth Optimized

The money you spend with us is an investment, and we want to ensure that investment grows. Using our tools and expertise, we remove unnecessary steps from the pipeline and plan for future needs. This allows us to save you money in the short term and position you for expansion in the long term.

Cafe Codex, At Your Service

At Cafe Codex, we do things big. Since our establishment, we have employed the best and brightest minds in the industry to handle precision-machining and assembly services for medium to large-sized parts across various sectors.

The Cafe Codex technical team consists of market-leading machinists and millwrights. Our integrated engineering team, and responsive manufacturing consultants committed to your business success. Customers who work with us get access to all equipment on our facilities list, automated part cleaning, and much more.

Is your organization facing challenges with competition, time to market, and market cost? Do you need help with increasing the design and manufacturing revenue turns?

Cafe Codex, At Your Service

Our Product Engineering and Manufacturing services help outsource service to companies that are challenged with new technologies, process optimization, and manufacturing development.

Our engineers will take your vision and requirements, then transform them into here and now products. Our experts work closely with your product development team to identify the appropriate technologies needed to achieve the optimum design, materials, and manufacturability.

Our process starts with a clear understanding of all technical, quality, and safety requirements. We then utilize cutting-edge 3D modeling tools, 2D drawings, thorough analysis, and other disciplines as necessary to create a custom product fit to suit your exact needs.