Frequently Asked Questions

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Some Frequently Asked Questions are given below. Get answers to your queries here

Does Cafe Codex offer 24/7 cover?

Yes, we offer varied levels of 24/7 cover as an addition to our normal 9:30 am – 6:30 pm support hours. Please contact our account manager for more details.

What are your core expertise and industry experience?

We have an extremely talented team of web and mobile app developers who can build great Mobile Apps, Websites, and Games. When we established, we began with web development services. Since then, we’ve come a long way, especially since the functioning of CAD engineering services. Over the era of more than two decades, we have been a class apart when it comes to web development, mobile app development, and CAD engineering services.

Does your company provide a paid support contract?

Yes, we do. You may ask for the extension of our project support after the project is completed. Nevertheless, the charges vary from project to project. You may ask this once the project size and scope are defined.

How long will I wait for a callback?

You will always receive a call inside. However, we aim to respond to all calls within 50% of the allocated response time. If you’re unsure, contact our dedicated account manager.

What happens if support can't resolve my problem remotely, will someone come out?

Yes, we will arrange for an engineer to attend the site and investigate the issue further. Depending on the contract time and fault we may be able to provide loan equipment or direct replacement of parts.

How much will it cost me to join Cafe Codex Systems?

The cost of your IT support is based on the type and levels of support you choose and the number of users to be looked after. It’s worth noting that adding or removing users can increase or reduce your costs respectively.

Do you just do IT Support?

No! We offer a huge array of support and CAD engineering services to our customers when it comes to their network. From Security to Data Back-Up, we have you covered.

Do you work according to the client’s time zone?

All of our team works according to the client’s time zone. However, depending on the nature of the work, specific situation, and in case of special meetings, we can certainly stay awake to ensure we connect during your working hours. However, we’d prefer to have this be scheduled before the event so that we can plan the rest of the schedules accordingly.

What is the Quality Control Methodology which you have in place?

We follow robust processes to ensure the best quality. For software testing, we use the black-box method. We have a dedicated division for QA and QC that ensures every project is scanned through them. Covering all the different kinds of testing, they give a final ‘OK’ before the final handover and deployment.

Do you have Service Level Agreement in place?

Yes, we do have. We are a trusted offshore It consultancy and CAD engineering service providing company, adhering to protocols of IT and tech. industry. We have a service level agreement in place as a symbol of trust and quality IT services delivery.