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Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defence OEMs are entitled under constant pressure to innovate, adapt, and overcome industry challenges. Consequently, there is a need to reduce component size, weight, and cost without compromising safety and security. As to be seen this is a significant challenge for suppliers. These critical requirements, combined with the growing demand for digital transformation and expanding customer expectations. This entails having immense pressure on suppliers to optimize business operations and processes. Aerospace and Defence is part of CAD Engineering Services.


We take pride in partnering with the world’s leading Aerospace and Defence OEMs companies to deliver value-driven and outcome-based engineering solutions. We are entitled to design and system-level ownership of complex components, to allow our customers to sustain a competitive advantage.

Our global Aerospace & Defence Industry is experiencing an increasingly challenging situation in the entire world. However, A & D companies are trying to overcome the challenge which comes in the form of frugal customers and increasing market competition. This prompts them to control costs and shift their focus from innovation. Simultaneously, the long product life cycles and regulatory compliance are other concerns that A&D companies are looking to address effectively in the long term.


CAD Engineering Services
The industry needs growing techs to reach the goals of a next-generation enterprise. For this, they are required to take advantage of the key tenets that have been enabled through the democratization of technology. We have such capability to leverage those tenets to help A & D companies generate exponential changes to enterprise business systems. This can be done through Human-centered design-led platform solutions. This will eliminate waste through Autonomics and Drive rapid change with developments and innovation. Also, this will helps to generate new business models through the internet of things.

At present, we combined the best of strong business consulting and robust global delivery-based application management capabilities. Read More

Advanced engineering solutions designed to reduce cost and enhance operations for Automotive

Today, the main focus of automotive companies is on increasing safety and creating an optimal experience for drivers and passengers. With many years of experience, we specialize in automotive and software design solutions as well as services worldwide. We have hands-on industry experience in end-to-end automotive embedded systems development. This includes infotainment systems, advanced driver assistance systems, and connected car technology with functional safety and security.
The automotive sector is an emerging technology and fast-blurring boundaries between stakeholders. They are consequently transforming the landscape rapidly. Increasing demand for personalized products and experience, and rigorous quality standards are the major challenges faced by the automotive industry.
CAD Engineering Services
Companies now face an ongoing challenge to remain competitive and looking to set themselves apart to surge ahead of competitors. Automotive companies today have the opportunity to adopt cutting-edge tech and improve their business processes. By embracing new ways, they can successfully offset the effects of blurring boundaries and stagnating growth.

We combine knowledge of operations and insights into new emerging technologies to offer a gamut of end-to-end solutions for the automotive industry. Our automotive IT solutions help clients to enhance the digital experience of their customers, increase revenue, and improve operational excellence. We provide automotive consulting services to the top global automotive companies on solutions. This helps them to improve the experience, reinvent business models, and enhance their interaction with the new digital customer.

We build solutions that enable zero accidents and personalized cockpit experience for drivers and passengers. This encounters our capabilities in end-to-end automotive system development, automotive embedded systems, and automotive electronic control unit development.  Read More

Heavy Engineering

Technology solutions designed to protect and defend

The Heavy engineering sector is in transition. Renewable, the environment, regulatory pressures, technology disruption, and a new generation of consumers are irrevocably changing the industry. Energy companies have to do even more around their assets, operations, people, and technology to stay competitive and thrive. Heavy engineering is part of CAD Engineering Services.

We have engaged with oil and gas, power generation, and mining companies over many years. Our expertise in plant and product engineering and technology helps owners and operators, strengthen their operations to manage their assets better. The work we do translate into higher reliability, safety, productivity, and cost efficiencies for our customers.

Today, we collaborate with global enterprises in accelerating product development by leveraging the latest technologies, monetizing product services, and providing immersive customer experiences.

CAD Engineering Services

We are one of the most valued Heavy engineering service providers. With over many decades of experience in supporting customers, we seamlessly integrate with, and complement, customers’ product engineering, and research and development activities.

We accelerate engineering across the product ecosystem, i.e., engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and services. We help our customers improve Time to Profit by maximizing Return on Innovation. Today, we are a thought leader in digital engineering technologies as we provide the following:

  • Technology depth in new-age digital technologies.
  • Solutions-driven approach with many solution accelerators across automation, analytics, platforms, sustenance, etc.
  • Flexible business models aligned to customer’s strategy such as outcome-based models, risk-reward, co-innovation

Over the past decade, all our Heavy Engineering Services have helped many organizations develop and launch thousands of market-leading products across various market segments. Read More

Consumer goods

Retaining the New Consumers through the Power of Technology

GS1 standards were originally developed for manufacturers and retailers in consumer goods to optimize the distribution of goods. Although many different sectors have now implemented the standards, the consumer goods area remains the largest user group and still uses the most. Consumer goods is part of CAD Engineering Services.

An integrated view of the goods and services value chain makes it easier to set up and manage integrated processes. This helps them from purchasing raw materials to processing and finishing and right through to the end consumer. To remain competitive in increasingly challenging markets companies have to actively design and optimize all the processes along the value chain.

Consumer Good
The value chains increase the value networks in the consumer goods sector. They include suppliers, different types of service providers and manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and specialist dealers. The downstream processes, such as recovery and recycling, are also significant for an integrated view of a value chain.

Across the whole network the priorities are the same:

  1. Good, attractive products and ranges
  2. Quality and product and process safety
  3. High availability
  4. Effective, efficient, low-cost processes
  5. Minimum waste of resources
  6. Automated data
  7. Counterfeit protection

The global GS1 companies develop standards, process models, and solutions that are disseminated through the national GS1 organizations. The main focus is retail, which includes all those involved in the consumer goods value network. Read More


Legends don’t stop. We make sure of it!

We offer one of the most outstanding services, and for what we feel proud, is to deal with the repair of machinery and equipment. This is the sector we have been gladly serving with commitment for many years. Machinery is part of CAD Engineering Services.

What is our formula?

Our key factor in machine repair relies basically on our manpower. Our most valuable resource is composed of highly skilled mechanical, electrical, and electronic technicians. They are constantly under training to offer you the latest tools to solve new generation machine breakdowns. And of course, thanks to the knowledge gained through valuable hands-on experience on actual machine repair services.

Our machine and equipment repair service, aiming accuracy, efficiency, and speed. With this, our customers have their machines running back again with the less possible halt time.

Our machinery repair service spans from textile manufacturing machines, carpentry, automation, special tools in manufacturing processes, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and CNC machines.

our Machinery service

Our CNC machine repair service has gained special attention due to its in-built complexity and its almost ubiquitous presence within many of our customers’ internal manufacturing processes.

Our machine repair service covers heavy and light-duty machines, as well as industrial equipment. These all are undertaken through our meticulous metrology calibration and leveling procedures with precision tooling. Additionally, the repaired mechanical components are fatigue tested to install them after proven mechanically reliable. Our service is backed up with a full inventory of moving facilities with built-in heavy tooling meaning. These potential removals of heavy mechanical components or the mobilization of the machine to the shop for in-depth intervention are not an obstacle.

Additionally, we take into account the technical requirements for ensuring that the outcome of our machine repair service can be as reliable and durable as possible. Contact us now for more details on our services catalog for machine repair service.

Heavy-duty Machinery Repair Company

When it comes to electrical and mechanical maintenance and the repair of heavy-duty machinery, not many companies can withstand successfully the logistical complexity of an Industrial Machines repair service. Carrying out successfully the mobilization of a Heavy Duty Machine, among other vital tasks such as handling and lifting depends on evaluating every single aspect of the load and its volume. Also, we understand the value your company’s asset has, thus it is imperative to our repair service handle it carefully.

The tooling, vehicles, and equipment resources along with competent manpower that such activities ought to count on are part of Machine expertise in this sector. This makes it outstanding as a first-line heavy-duty machinery repair Service Company. With its base, our company is leading the market in electrical and mechanical repair of heavy-duty industrial machinery nationwide.

Our commitment to on-time delivery of a heavy-duty machinery repair service aims to avoid extra costs for your business operations and the reduction of halt times in production processes. For us, when it comes to industrial machine repair, it is all about working procedures, speed of operation, careful coordination, and ongoing training for our staff.   Read More