For the generation of leads, SEO is a prime factor to attract visitors to your website. Visitors either search their query by writing on search engine or by verbal search. The verbal search of any kind of query undergoes in the voice search category. There are many devices available in the market which recognizes voice and process the appropriate result to the customer; like Alexa, Google. In this article, we’ll understand Voice Search Optimization and its impact on SEO. CafeCodex company offers top-level SEO Services in Delhi and all over India.

What is Voice Search Optimization?

Voice Search Optimization is a process to optimize one’s website or page to appear on the result page in voice searches. When someone optimizes their website for voice search, he/she works on verbal searches which people generally ask their device’s voice assistant. Simply, the query or demand by a user to their voice assistant device is known as voice search and the effort to make websites or pages appear on these searches is called voice search optimization.

Popular Voice Search Device

Some general voice search is navigation devices. To make life easy there are so many devices present on the market. Here are some most popular voice assistance devices as follow-

  • Siri
  • Google Assistance
  • Alexa
  • Cortana

So the voice assistance service is everywhere. Every smartphone, TV, handy speaker, and other device are using voice search technology. These process speech and search on the internet.

The Technique of Voice Search Optimization

You can use these techniques for the optimization of your voice search.

The Technique of Voice Search Optimization

1. Keyword Research

There is a difference between written and verbal queries. The verbal query uses native words and short phrases. So use these kinds of words in your website by this Google rank your website for such keyword.

2. Listing on Google My Business

The major part of the growth of any business is growing in the local area first. A major part of queries on the search engine is about local services. If you haven’t listed your business on local directories, you miss a prime opportunity and lots of sales and leads to your business.

3. Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Make your website mobile-friendly. Smartphones have become an indisputable part of everyone’s lives. Every day there are millions of queries generated by mobile users. If your website or page is not optimized for mobile users, your website performance decrease for sure, and your page rank on SERP will go down.

4. Use Structured Data

Search engines prefer those websites that use structured data. Schema markup is also structured data. Structured data in simple words is metadata. This is brief information about your website, page, or post. This undergoes in source code and this helps search engines organize and classify your content.

5. Use of FAQ Section

The FAQ section is very important for the part for SEO of any website. It can help users to resolve their doubts. For the FAQ section, you can take the help of LSI phrases or search engine users’ questions related to your niche. The search engine also values websites that use the FAQ section.

Impact on SEO

Search engine algorithms continuously retrieve data from every website on the internet.  A good SEO score helps a website gets rank higher on the search engine result page (SERP). In the same way, if any website does not optimize for voice searches then it will never come on voice search results. This will create a negative impact on the website rank factor. Let’s understand the impact of good voice search optimization on SEO.

  • A complete and optimized content helps users to understand any topic which they are searching on the internet.
  • The use of the right keywords helps search engines and voice assistance to show the content of your website.
  • Website speed is a major factor for ranking in search results. To optimize your website for good response time.
  • The use of structured data helps search engine algorithms to understand the information about pages.
  • Local business directories help to generate leads and sales to your business.
  • The use of voice keywords in Meta tag, Meta description, and feature snippet help search engines and voice assistants to understand the idea of the content.

By the report, there are 55+% of people search and find information about their local businesses by voice search. It will grow furthermore. So optimizing your website with new technology will be helpful for your business. Voice searches and queries are the future of the search engine world. Voice search optimization is a must for the overall SEO of any website. If you want to grow your business digitally then you should optimize your website for voice search results.

If you want to know more about Voice Search Optimization and searching for any kind of help and service, feel free to contact us. CafeCodex provides you with complete service and growth to your business.