How SEO and PPC are different from each other is very straightforward. The method of optimizing information to appear through a search engine’s organic results refers to as SEO, or simply search engine optimization.

SEM, or search engine marketing, is typically SEO combines with Pay-per-Click Ads, however, some folks simply refer to it as PPC.

You may now believe that SEO Services is the best option because organic traffic is free, steady, and passive. However, it would be unrealistic to believe that search is the primary approach to increase your business.

So now we’ll discuss various search engine marketing techniques, as well as where and when it is effective to use PPC, SEO, or both.


SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that allows you to increase your search traffic, keep track of your competitors, and control your niche. The finest traffic source, from our perspective, is search engines.

  • Nearly every day, Google receives over 5 billion searches.
  • Search engines also generate 10 times more traffic to retail sites. In comparison to social media, according to reports.
  • 72 % of shoppers conducting a local search visit the store within 8 km. Which is good news for those who run local businesses.

Why are SEO and PPC both important?

Would you prefer to put an infinite PPC budget? Or be ready to rank at 1st position for any term all of a sudden?

Role of SEO in Ranking

For sure, no one can guarantee that right now. But we can look at both sides.

From a purely SEO standpoint, keep in mind that search engines are strategies.

Business keywords like stocks, for example, have such a lot of value and, as an outcome, a lot of competition. So the whole fold covers the maximum in advertising, rendering organic results nearly unnoticeable.

Thus, if you were to rank highly and that too organically for this phrase. As a user, you would have to look down for quite some time. Before even considering visiting your website.

How does PPC play its part?

You’d be in the top position on the search results page if you had an endless budget, right?

Nope! Google does not display advertisements on every page. For advertising to display for every search, there must be some type of commercial motivation. If you type in “buy Avengers movie tickets” or something similar with a clear commercial aim, you’ll get dozens of ads.

 You won’t see any advertising if you enter a search like what to do in Delhi, so if you select for an unlimited ad budget but no SEO, you’ll be losing out on a fair amount of traffic.

One thing more to keep in mind is that business keywords have a lower search volume than informative keywords. Restricting your source of relevant traffic even more. Surprisingly, discover that the informative query is roughly 27 times more frequently in search than the commercial one.

So we’re assuming that your answer regarding endless SEO traffic vs. PPC is yes. Traffic is likely to be more difficult than you expected. And therefore, we have one more term, SEM, which allows us to integrate the two tactics and significantly boost our search engine marketing.

Where to Use SEO, PPC, or Both?

We want us to take you through some techniques that should help you figure out where. And how you can use PPC Services, SEO Services, or both.

First, consider running ads for keywords that are too much in competition to rank for the current situation. Likely phrase in your domain that you never be able to rank for years. For instance, if you’re starting a new mobile store and wish to rank for keywords like buy phones under₹ 20k, your prospects of getting into the top three are low.

You’d be up against Flipkart, Amazon, or Reliance Digital, etc.

Now, this does not imply that you should completely ignore SEO in favor of advertising. However, because ranking for competitive keywords is going to be a long process. That’s why PPC can help you to start right away.

3 Massive Benefits of PPC While You’re Working to Rank Your Pages


  • Because you’re paying for traffic, you may start making money right now. This should ideally result in some cash flow. Keep in mind that just because you advertise does not always land you up in making a profit.
  • Running a campaign that gives you a positive outcome. Can sometimes cost a lot of time and money.


  • You’ll be able to test and optimize for conversions. Keeping track of your conversions is available on most ad platforms.
  • And besides, if businesses can monitor that their ad is paying off. They will continue to do so.
  • So take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the average cost per conversion. Executing control experiments to increase your conversion rate. You can reach out to other ads platform also once generating a profit from your ad campaign.


  • Through Google Ads, you can find useful keyword details.
  • There is a report referred to as search terms. Where you can see what keywords people are bidding on. And how many conversions they can get. This might assist you in determining the keywords you wish to target. That will generate conversions or not.

Consider an example in which you’re bidding on vegan milk. Also getting a lot of traffic since it’s a trendy search. However, you were not able to make a profit in terms of net profit. Thereafter, you may see that a keyword or phrase like plant vegan protein drives low traffic. Converting at a substantially huge rate.

As a result, we will suggest that you extract the Google Ads search terms report. Then, use a keyword research tool such as Google AdWords or SEM Rush. Look for one that allows you to copy up to thousands of keywords at once. Acquiring all of their data.

You will probably be able to gain more organic search traffic quickly in this way.

Another reason you might use both SEO and PPC

When the SERPs cover entirely. A lot of people are eager to spend a big amount to rank high or to be in the top position.

However, if you get ranking first using SEO, then organic results may not be clickable. Since they may list down on the 2nd or 10th page.

However, our CTR (click-through rate) search console shows that users only click the result only 5%, most of the time. And if we go to the search results, we’ll notice that there are a bulk of ads that make it appear on top position on SERP result.

Similarly, if there is an agency that provides services like this. We would consider investing in an ads campaign. To increase the number of visitors to our websites. Perhaps, get them into conversions.

Finally, you should try to acquire as many resources as possible. Identical to the technique we discuss but for a specific purpose. A standard SERP nowadays will contain advertisements at the top. Additional components like featured snippets, “people also ask” elements, and organic search results.

While this may be inconvenient for SEOs. Accordingly, we encourage you to see it as a potential to rank in the SERPs with monopolization in mind. For example, you’ll notice that digital marketers are paying for ad campaigns. Which is currently ranking first on the search results pages.

Likely to earn a lot of money from this page. Thinking it’s a good idea for them. To contribute their time and attention to it.

Another example of how we use SEM is that on YouTube. People sharing a video is quite beneficial to folks. Who are new to SEO. Because the main Key performance Index for YouTube is through engagement. That the strategist is advertising for that keyword. Currently, holds the top organic position.


So the strategy we prefer to think about SEO vs. PPC isn’t much about which one you should utilize. It’s more about analyzing the variations and determining. How do they work together to form a competitive search engine marketing strategy or SEM?

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