Hello everyone, What’s up! Today we are going to discuss on what are the different types of Digital Marketing? And how to perform Digital Marketing?

With Digital Marketing, you can also connect with your current and potential customers. It also enables them to interact with you. Consider your digital marketing plan following your business plan. Whenever your potential customer views your most recent pages, it’s terrific, but it’s even great when they respond to it or share it.

Various forms of Digital Marketing

Although, there are many types of Digital Marketing Services like

1. Search Engine Optimization

Through SEO, we put our efforts to rank our pages or websites organically on search engine results pages, such as Google, Bing, and Safari, etc. This means we decide on certain specific keywords. For example “digital marketing consultant in Delhi”. And through this keyword, we wish to rank our website on the top position or 1st page of search results. So all the efforts we make to do this come under SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Services helps to get organic traffic for our website. And to rank our page in top search results and minimum in the 1st page of SERP  to get the maximum traffic. Hence, there is a lot of effort to rank the website in the top position. These efforts or strategies are divided into 2 parts such as:

(I) On-Page

In this, we make changes or optimization on the content.

(II) Off-Page

In this, we make backlinks for our website pages.

(III) Technical SEO

In this, we optimize page speed, SSL, indexing URL & also submission of sitemap.

2. PPC

The next marketing form is PPC. Here we run paid ads. PPC or SEM. Whenever we are on Google search and type in a query such as “digital marketing consultant services, then we get two types of results. One is paid results. These are the results for which we pay and this refers to as the PPC model. And the results below you see are organic results. Not all search results are paid. So if your page is showing in paid results, then it comes under PPC marketing.

Whenever we make a query on a search engine, and the search results we on the top(ad-sponsor), refers to as Search engine marketing. In this, we run the ad campaign for our services. Through this, we get paid traffic. And therefore, PPC is a paid activity.

3. Email Marketing

In this type of marketing, we use email to promote our website, product, or services. This is also a part of digital marketing.

4. Content Marketing

In this marketing form, we create content. If we have a website or social media page, then we have to keep some specific things in mind on how the content should be, what type of content can be user friendly, what type of content users prefer, what type of content should be present on our website. For all these purposes we talk about & also use content marketing.

Content can be in any form such as text, images, and videos. So to use which content depends on the purpose for which you want to use it. All these topics cover content marketing.

5. Social Media Marketing

In this, we have to make our presence on social media. And we have to run the ads through various social media platforms such Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (now Meta). We can make profiles or pages on these social media platforms to make the presence of a business, product, or service.  So whenever we try to do marketing over social media, it counts under Social media marketing.

It includes when to post the content, what should be the content, in which format to post it. So we have to pre-plan and schedule these things.

6. Social Media Optimization

The difference between marketing and optimization is that in optimization we focus on, for example, you make a page on Facebook for your business profile. So does that page contain all the information about your business or not? This is all countable in social media optimization.

Suppose you make a Facebook page and then can’t insert the image in the cover photo. Therefore, there are no proper details of your business. And rectify all these things under Social media optimization. So, therefore, first, we need to do the Social Media Optimization Services, and then only we move forward to Social media marketing.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting other’s products or services on your website or social media pages. Here we work as an affiliate to promote business, In this, the affiliate gets a fixed commission upon selling of product or purchase of whom we are doing affiliate marketing. Thus, Affiliate marketing plays an important role in digital marketing.

8. App Store Optimization

Mobile apps nowadays are in trend, whether it is IOS or Android apps. Through this, we always try to ensure that our app is always on the top of the app store. Performing all the activities in this process is known as app store optimization.


So Digital Marketing is a vast field. And therefore types of digital marketing form we should implement, solely depends on our business, products, or services. Or on which we want to rank on search results. Other than this, it also depends on what type of traffic i.e. organic or paid, we want to get for conversion. To sum up, we can say that types of Digital marketing primarily depend on our business model. And then only we can apply the right strategy for it.

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