Featured blog images, social media posts, and website images are essential for any online platform. Good and eye-catchy graphic images generate a good impression on website visitors and social media posts. But it is very difficult to create a unique and attractive design for a non-designing background person. With the help of traditional graphic designing software, it is very hard to make a user-friendly eye-soothing picture. For any traditional graphic design software user, it is compulsory to understand the tools and basics of that particular software.


The 5 Best Online Graphic Design Software Programs

Are you searching for easy designing tools for your website or social media post? In this article, we bring you a list of online graphic designing tools that are easy to use. Some of these offer you free services. Even a newbie can handle these tools. Let’s jump on the list and gather some knowledge of these graphic design software or tools.

1. Pixlr


It is another online graphic designing and photo editing tool which is easy to use and creates attractive visuals. You can easily create and edit the background, add text, stickers, and effects in the free version. It also offers a free template with social media post dimensions.

Like other online tools, Pixlr has a free and paid version. The paid version offers you more features and services than the free version. You can also use the free version and creative design for your website or social media. If you want to use the paid version of this tool, you can buy a premium plan at 4.90 USD per month charges.


2. Canva


It is the most popular online graphic design software that the majority of graphic designers used regularly. So it offers a complete solution for image, video, and audio editing & design. You can create feature images, social media images, videos, and audio. Here you can edit and add text, backgrounds, elements, charts, and many things.

Like other tools, Canva also comes in free and pro versions. For normal editing and initial level, you can try the free version. The paid version of Canva offers you premium and advanced features of the platform. It is very easy to use and create professional graphics. If someone doesn’t have any knowledge of graphic designing, Canva is the best option for them.


3. Vectr



It is another free graphic designing tool for vector designing. Vectr has a simple, allow user-friendly interface and easy-to-handle tool. It also provides the functionality of cross platforms and browser compatibility. It means that it synchronizes projects in real-time so anyone can access their project on any device and continue the design.

You can easily add text, shape, and art to your design. You can permit your team to access your project and work together. Vectr makes vector graphic designing fast, smart, and easy even for new users. Vectr also provides a designing tutorial with easy steps for the newbie. If someone can’t afford costly vector designing software, Vectr is the best option for them.


4. PicsArt


It is also a free online photo editor tool with endless features. You can create professional-level content for your website or social media. It is very easy to use; even a non-experienced person can handle this tool smoothly. The User-interface of PicsArt is also easy. Due to several options of PicsArt, you can edit videos and images.

To use this tool for free, you have to sign up with your mail on the PicsArt website. Then you can access all the options and create an effective photo design for your portfolio. This platform offers you different-different effects, and a wide range of options to make its content is more attractive and engaging. It provides you with an artificial intelligence-generated background removal tool and other templates regarding social media, website, and individual & business portfolios. It comes under three pans- Free, gold and team. At the initial level, you can start with a free plan of the tool.


5. Fotor


It is also a photo editor and design tool for everyone. You can create a professional-level design with the help of this tool. It allows the designer a free hand to retouch, color balance, exposure, and level tool to make extra efforts. Like another platform, it also gives free templates, social media posts, blog images pre dimensions and many more things.

At a starting level, you can use the basic or free service of Fotor. If you want to use Fotor for the corporation, then you can busy its paid version.

Designing is all about creativity and practice. If someone is dedicated to growing his/her business with an effective and efficient representation. Someone must understand the process. Above mentions, online design platforms and tools can help you to design an extraordinary logo, photo, and vector graphic.

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