SEO as a beginner if you are new in the online business or you want to expand your outreach, it is always the best and economical alternative. SEO Services have played a key role in the growth of online business and will continue to do the same as businesses will always require SEO.

And why is that so?

Let’s explore this with the help of the following points:

Organic Search is the Most Often Primary Source of organic Traffic

Who doesn’t want traffic on the website whatever may be the website? whether it is for the blog, e-commerce or any other purpose.

Everyone has the same objective i.e., bringing traffic to their website. and later on, see what to do – sale, what is the value of the website or how is the product service of the website. But there is no traffic on the website then there is no point in discussing these things.

The most important thing after website creation is to get traffic. And the biggest source for traffic to your website is the organic search and that too from Google.

So, the primary source of traffic on all websites in the world is organic traffic. Therefore, the primary important officer is that if you don’t use SEO then we will be going to lose the potential of organic search.

SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

to explain this point let’s start with an example Suppose you put a query on google – buy online shoes, which is a very generic keyword. You will get various results on the Search engine results page (SERP). Such as

Sponsored results (ads)

Organic Results

Now if the same result is appearing both in ads and organic search, then it builds trust and credibility for the user,

From a normal user perspective, if his/her query reflects on the organic search results from your business/website, then it becomes builds trust and credibility. Then only the user trust on your website that without running ads it can be ranked on the top results. So here the trust and credibility are all dependent on our SEO efforts.

SEO Impact the Buying Cycle

Again, and again when the user visits your website, definitely ads to the conversion. So, the overall buying cycle, whatever phase is the user in, gets affected. And maximum are the chances that the user avails your services.

SEO is Relatively Cheap

Now, what does that mean? Well, it’s not every time that SEO is cheap, but can cost you more also in which there is a team of 15 -20 members. SEO appears to be cheap, but here also a lot of things are involved such as a blog, for which you have to pay content writers that are specialized in SEO content writing. We mean to say that SEO is relatively cheap with respect to time. In the initial phase, SEO may appear to be costly but with time you will realize that the results are worth much more than your efforts and money you spent at the initial stage.

So, therefore, it is relatively cheap, so for the long term is SEO is good and cheap.

The most genuine SEO practice is to do the content-based SEO. In today’s time, you need content-oriented SEO. Focus on the niche and content and keeping that focussed you can optimize the search engine and will get the results.

If are not On page 1, you are not Winning the Click

Definitely, in today’s time, nobody goes to page 2 in the search results of Google. Nobody goes.

Why is that so?

  • Because the algorithm of Google is so optimised that it gives you the most relevant results.  And the user is getting the relevant results on page 1 then why he/she will go the Page 2. If his/her concerned results are already on page 1 then they go to the 2nd page.
  • What else the user does if he/she is not able to get his/her queries on the 1st page?
  • He/she simply changes his/her query. And it is in the rare case that the user will go to the 2nd page.
  • If you check the stats that what percentage of users goes to the 2nd page, you will find that a minimum percentage of people are there that do this.
  • So being on Page 2 or below from the SEO point of view is the same thing. There won’t be a big difference and you won’t be achieved much from that.
  • But if are on page 1, irrespective of the ranking, definitely you are going to have some traffic.
  • So, there won’t be much traffic on your website, if you are not on page 1

So we hope you got to know why Search Engine Optimization Services are important for business. Think and analyze each point mentioned above and help your business website to rank high among your competitors.