It is crucial to identify your potential customers to offer them products or services. You can’t achieve your potential customer without knowing your target or goal. Lead generation is the prime target for any company. In this digital world, Google ad is ruling major part of online advertisements. Do you know? More than 75% of internet searches take place on Google search engines, and it has 3.5 billion searches every day. It is a large number of visitors, so Google dominates the search engine sector worldwide. Here we will be discussing the google Lead Generation Strategy and Approach in 2022.


Beginner’s Guide To Google Lead Generation Strategy

Now, come to digital advertisement platform Google have 52.6 billion WebPages are index in its database. So the better preferable advertisement platform in the internet marketing world is Google Ads. In this article, we are going to understand the best Lead Generation Strategy and approach to design the lead generation campaign on Google. Let’s begin-


1. Complete Understanding of Ads and Keywords


First thing first, if you want to execute an online campaign for your business, try to understand your business goal. If you know your requirements then you can find out your right audience, Google metric follows its visitor behavior and interest. So your product advertisement goal should be clear and interesting. Research for the right offers and deals for your customer. Once you understand your campaign’s fundamental and need of customers. After that; go for the right keyword research.


For searching the right keywords; the Google ads platform offers you the keyword planner tool. Here Google provides you a list of visitor’s searches queries as per your related keywords. You can see average monthly search volume, minimum and maximum bid value, competition on a particular keyword, and other insights. Choose your keywords wisely and make a list with a combination of low and medium competition keywords with high search volume. You can use long-tail keywords for higher performance.


2. Create and Optimize your Landing Page


It is an essential part of your advertisement. A landing page is your first impression on customers when they click on your ad link. Try to make your landing page related to your ad campaign. For creating a trustworthy relationship with your customers, create a good design and optimize the landing page.

  • Before creating a landing page first decides the level of your landing page either it will be a 2 or 3 level landing page. On the first page create keywords optimize content with your offers and images or video. Also, create a section of a contact form, ask your visitors to leave their name, email address, and number. This page helps you make your database for remarketing, Email marketing, and SMS marketing.
  • After your visitors fill the 1st page redirect those to the second page; where you establish your product or service value. Create an impressive headline and video for your customer. Describe your product to your customer and offer them the best deal.
  • The last page of your landing page shows a thank you message for their valuable time connecting with you.
  • If you are selling a single product, and want to create a single-level landing page. Make sure that the keyword and relevancy of a particular page match your ad campaign.



3. Create a Campaign


1. Once your optimized landing page design is ready for publishing. Go to Google ads dashboard and start to design your campaign. Select your goal and campaign type. Now choose the right way to reach your aim, here you have the option like a phone call, website visits, store visits, other. After this, you can select tracking id for complete insight into the campaign. And now name your campaign accordingly for future research and analysis.

2. In the next step, set your daily budget and bidding strategy as per your campaign goal and go to the next step. Now set up your network where you want to show your ad. Choose the location as per your requirement for ad visibility. Select the languages as per your targeted audience. You can choose the audience segment by search term and browsing interest. You can set ad campaign start and end dates; display timing according to your need.

3. Now design your ad group and ad. First, add your keyword with Google recommend match type. For more conversion create a group of approx all type keywords. If you want to better results use 8-10 keywords in your ad campaign.

4. Now design your ad with an intriguing headline, which is matches your landing page offers. Use Meta description for the campaign. Paste the final URL and display the URL of the campaign.

5. Add useful extensions for better lead generation. Google offers you 10 types of extensions for a better conversion rate. Use them wisely and generate enormous lead generate. Publish your campaign and wait for a review by Google.


4. A/B Testing


If you want to get more leads for your business, try A/B testing with your campaigns, divide your audience segment into two or more parts. Check the performance of your campaign and analyze. It will help you to optimize your campaign for higher conversion.


5. Improve your Organic Traffic 


Do you know? Google gives a quality score to your campaign, and this quality score depends on your website history and other factors. There are two ways to generate a lead for any business; the first is Google ads and the other is SEO. Then, If you want to generate leads without advertising, you should try SEO practice. SEO optimize content shows top SERP easily.

If someone has an old website updated with the latest Google algorithms generates more conversion instead of a new website. Good organic traffic website campaigns stand top with a low bid. It happens because of a good quality score. Design and develop your website content according to search engine rules. For a good SEO follow these steps.

  • Make your content audience oriented
  • Research your keyword and optimize it well.
  • Optimize every webpage of your website.
  • Create social media page for your business and update your followers with the latest news.
  • Track your website performance on Google Search Console and Analytics.


Due to heavy competition, it is common to struggle with lead generation for a newbie. But, Google values the quality of content. For getting more leads and conversion, a campaign should be well optimized and cover all aspects of its required target. We hope you like this article and gain knowledge. If you have any queries or problems with the Google Lead Generation Strategy for your business, our qualified PPC Services team will be happy to help you. And If you are looking for Digital Marketing Services and lead generation strategy for your business, call us any time. We are happy to help you.