In this digital marketing world, everyone wants to rank their website on top of the first page of the search engine result page (SERP). For this, they spend their time in SEO techniques. And SEO is essential for any website to rank on the first page of the search engine. Google continuously update and upgrade their search result algorithm for a better experience for its visitor’s queries. It is hard to compete with your competitors due to continuous updates of Google and changes in its algorithm. According to the experts if anyone wants to display their website on top of the first page on SERP. One should work on featured snippets.

Do you want to see your website on the top of the search result on the first page? If you do not have thousands or millions of BackLinks for your content. The Featured snippets can help you rank your blog or website on the first page of search results. When a person writes a question on Google or a search engine, it shows a summarized answer of that particular question at the top of the search result. In this article, we will discuss featured snippets and also; how to optimize for google’s featured snippets? Let’s jump on the first topic-


What is Featured Snippet?

Google always work; to provide the best experience to its customer according to their search query. When you browse the Google search engine for any query, Google shows a brief answer as well as a featured snippet to your result. Feature snippet is the result on top of the first page on search engine. It contains the relevant answer to a particular query and provides the visitor with a clear idea regarding their question. Normally feature snippets can be a list, small paragraph, or table.

Generally, the feature snippet position on the result page is called position zero. Hence it comes to the place over other organic results. In easy words featured snippets describe the best result page of a detailed webpage for a user search query.


Types of Featured Snippets

To optimize a webpage for featured snippets there are different ways to achieve. However, there are four types of featured snippets that Google shows majorly.

  • Paragraph/Text Snippet: A paragraph/text snippet is a three to four-sentence long answer to a particular question that an internet surfer asks to search engine. Google extracts the data from a relevant webpage to provide the customer with a brief idea or answer. Whenever you search for a question on a search engine, it provides you with the best information as per your keyword.
  • Video Snippet: When a person searches for any tutorial or solution on the search engine, Google provides the result with a video snippet. It mainly extracts results from YouTube and other video platforms. If digital marketer optimizes their video as per customer queries and add a detailed description.
  • List snippet: If any blog uses bullet points or number lists for describing a topic. it will be a high chance for that blog to rank position zero. As per the algorithm, a visitor asks Google about the same query then Google shows the list of items from that website on its top of the first result.
  • Table Snippet: Some information is available only in tabular format. When someone searches for a population chart, a comparison of two or more things, and other queries like this, Google shows the chart or table of the particular query to the customer for a general idea.


Importance of Featured Snippets

Whether your website is old or new, you have tons of backlinks. It does not matter in terms of featured snippets. If your content has keywords regarding customer questions, you follow the structure data rule and give an exact and complete solution for your customer query. Your chance of ranking in feature snippets becomes high. Let’s check the importance of feature snippets.

  • Reduce PPC Expense

When it comes to saving money in terms of organic results featured snippets are the best practice to do with your website. If your website has detailed, reliable, and relevant information about any topic in a structured format. The search engine shows your website on featured snippets. Every click on your website considers as organic traffic. It will increase your CTR.

  • Increase Your Organic Traffic

Due to visible on featured snippets section, the search engine also indexes the blog page or website’s keyword for the organic search result. It can help you to compete with your competitor. If someone uses LSI keywords, customers’ query, and other recommended keyword on their blog, Google values such a website and help to generate organic and consistent traffic.

  • Increase Website Impression

If your blog post comes on feature snippets section, it means you worked on your content regarding Google norms. Your website’s content list for a keyword on position zero increases your impression. Due to quality content and the brief answer to customers’ questions, attract visitors to your website. And if you did this for your one blog, you can optimize your website for maximum or all blogs.


How to Get Featured Snippets?

If you are reading this blog this long, then it is definite that you are interested in getting featured snippets for your website. In this section of the blog, we discuss the necessary steps or important areas; that one should work on for getting featured snippets. Let’s jump on the first task.

How to Get Featured Snippets

  • Analyze Your Competitor Snippets

To get recognized by Google and other search engines, the first thing that you have is the analyzing capability. To write an informative article or blog for your website you have to analyze your competitor’s website that is placed on featured snippets. This will help you figure out the dos and don’ts for your article.


  • User Ask Question

After; you researched your listed website and want to start your new article for getting featured snippets placed. Before starting writing a new blog, search for the user question on a search engine regarding your topic or niche. Once you find the user questions list, determine a specific question that is frequently asked by many visitors and has high traffic. It will give your website Google attention. Make an effort to create content that is both unique and informative.


  • Optimize Blog details

When you start writing your blog or article, keep one thing in mind that your content should be interesting, attractive, and well optimized. Your blog title should be according to the keyword, you can use the long tail keyword in your blog. Make SEO-friendly heading, use of alt attribution for images, Meta description, and other factors should be well optimized. Use list, table, and other features according to your topic. This will help to index your website in the search engine index list.


  • FAQ Section

Once you complete your blog add a frequently asked questions section. Where you can add the questions that are generally questioned by visitors. Also, add your targeted question in this section. Use LSI keyword, Google recommended “people also ask” questions, and Google question hub queries. Organize your information in such a way; that is simple and easy to understand. Google also prefers a website that provides information in easy language.


  • Optimize Your Answer

For featuring your blog article on featured snippets you have to answer the particular question in 45-50 words. If you provide a satisfactory answer which follows Google norms, your data will show on featured snippets. It is essential to keep the brief answer to show in the featured snippets description box. Let be specific and clear about your answer and give authentic and factual information.




For continuous growth in digital marketing, you need to update yourself with the latest digital marketing updates, news, and knowledge. It is a continuous process. If anyone is serious and consistent in his/her business, he will grow their business for sure.

However, you now know the major factors and knowledge about featured snippets. We believe that you can optimize your website for ranking on the featured snippets section.

If you have any problems regarding digital marketing, SEO, and featured snippets, please let us know, comment below, or contact us.