The logo designing process is very tough to describe in a few words. It is a creative work, and every designer has a different level of creativity and approach to logo design or graphic design. It is crucial for business success and brand value that your company is widely recognized for what its services and products. To strengthen this sort of association between your company and the products or services you provide, you need a clearly defined logo, which represents a lucid pictorial graphic of your offerings and increases your brand value.

Here are some basic steps that can give a helping hand as a starting phase for your logo design. We bring for you a detailed breakdown of how to combine research and analysis with originality and creativity; to come up with an outstanding logo design. This article helps you; to understand the basics of logo designing strategies and processes to develop an outstanding logo for your company or clients. All professional designers follow certain steps in the design process, but the majority will definitely agree that there are some common steps. An effective and creative logo is created with a strong brand strategy in mind, defined by collaboration between the client, designer, and other essential members and partners. Strategies provide the right direction to the designer for logo development.


Effective Logo Design Process From Start To Finish

Let’s start with our topic of the effective logo designing process.


Step 1: Discussion & Discovery

The first step of the logo design is discussion and discovery. Whenever any company or agency hires a logo designer for their logo development project, the first thing that takes place is the discussion. Without any detailed discussion, it is hard to convey the company’s value. You already know that every designer has different approaches to delivering the best design. Do you know? 5 different types of logos can be made for a single project. Without understanding the client’s industry, history, competitors, and work process it is not easy to do a satisfactory job.

The first step of logo designing is to understand your client’s requirements, business goals, and details. This process is also known as client discovery. Some clients provide a PDF sheet regarding their logo designing concerns. They provide objectives, color codes, measurements, and descriptions of the logo. This gives a clear prospect and vision to the designer for developing an impressive logo. If you want to be a logo designer or a graphic designer, don’t ignore the first step. It will give you a complete insight into your client’s requirements.


Step 2: Research & Analysis

After completing the first step, the research and analysis process should take place. It is obvious to do some deep research and analysis by observing market trends and competitors’ designs. In this process of logo design process; the designer research the industry, the type of logo which will suit the company, color combination, and so on. A complete logo designing is a very long process, due to the application of the full concept of requirements, dimension, and other essential steps, it took time in development.

Analyze color theme, font, theme, and other aspects of the logo. Ask your client about their ideas and concepts. The more client gives you details more your vision will be clear about designing. It is also an important part of logo design. Make sure that the research fulfills the need of the customer.


Step 3: Sketch & Design

Before you send it to a final design, take some time to sketch plenty of logo ideas. If you already have some ideas for your logo, you might be tempted to jump into logo design software right away. Sketching is inexpensive, quick, and easy. Make sketches of various logo ideas to get a sense of how they will look outside your head. For one thing, sketching can inspire your creativity. But more importantly, sketching gives you an understanding of what works versus what doesn’t. Consider sketching other ideas too, you may find a better concept and, if nothing else, you will have some backups in case the client does not like your idea. You can sketch some variations on your preferred concept, add or remove elements, make slight changes, and begin experimenting with typography.

Once the client likes your sketch and gives you a green signal; then design that sketch on digital tools. If you have a free hand from your client-side, change the color and other parameters of the logo to give your client more options.


Step 4: Meeting & Feedback

Once the sketch and digital designing process take place, ask your client for a meeting. Here you will give a complete presentation regarding your design. You can explain your logo and how it describes the client’s company goals. It is usual to print out logo designs, because monitors may not show colors accurately, and embedding print profiles allow for a more accurate representation. The logo is exported to a secure PDF file that can be viewed on-screen or printed out.

Get your client’s feedback and work on it to deliver the best logo design services from your side. Listen and understand your client’s requirements patiently, try to optimize their need; explain them with the entire technicality. Feedbacks are a genuine form of appreciation, ask your customer for feedback. It will grow your skill and business.



We hope you like this article and gain some knowledge from this. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this topic, share them in the comment box below. Check our other blogs for more interesting information and knowledge.

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